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Weekly guest speakers and interactive dialogue encourages spiritual formation, addresses issues of social justice, and gives voice to topics of interest in the FUMCOG community.


Adult Academy will resume in the fall.

9:45 - 10:45 AM Cassel Parlor

Voices Heard

Mona Augustin

A Haitian musician, Mona shared his music, his mission to build a village for a community called Mozayik in Haiti, and the message that all people, of all nationalities, love one another.

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Susan Bockius

With a guided tour of FUMCOG's chapel and sanctuary, Susan Bockius shared the story of our stained glass windows. 

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Rabbi Marcia Prager

Rabbi Marcia Prager and Hassan Jack Kessler shared about prayer in their Jewish tradition.

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Efrain Cotto

In light of the termination of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Pastor Efrain Cotto spoke on issues of immigration.

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Andrew and Celena

Trans speakers, Andrew and Celena, shared their inspiring stories!

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Chloe Tomlinson

Chloe spoke about the amazing work Spark MicroGrants has been doing in Burundi over the past year with the support of the Julia Morgan Fund. Spark is equipping a local civil society institution with the skills needed to run an inclusive village planning proces.

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