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FUMCOG affirms our commitment TO work together, takE risks for social equality & peace in our city, nation & world.

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Green Light Ray

Transforming Haiti:

A Dialogue Between
Fr. Joseph Philippe & John Riggan

On Saturday, July 22nd, we had the privilege of enjoying an informative and inspiring dialogue between Fr. Joseph Philippe and John Riggan. They shared valuable insights on development work, community banking, educational opportunities, and more that are actively taking place in Haiti through FONKOZE.

This event was especially significant as it marked the 30th year of our partnership with Fondwa. Together, we celebrated the life-changing work of Father Joseph Philippe and the incredible impact he has had on the community.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us, both in person and virtually. It was a wonderful occasion where we came together to learn and support the transformative work that God is currently doing in Haiti through Fr. Joseph Philippe and the Peasant Association of Fondwa.

We are deeply appreciative of your participation and support, and we look forward to continuing our mission of justice and service in the future.

*Be sure to specify in the comments of your gracious
donation that you're giving towards Haiti.

Dr. martin luther king jr
social and racial justic

 On FUMCOG’s Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday, a Social and Racial Justice Award is presented to a member(s) of the church or community. 

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