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Martin Luther King Social and Racial Justice Award

Life's most pertinent and urgent question is,

what are you doing for others?

~Martin Luther King Jr.

2019 Martin Luther King Social and Racial Justice Award

190120_SRJ Award - Nick Claxton_068.jpg






The recipients since the Award’s inception in 1998:

1998 Rev. Theodore W. Loder
1999 Dick Cox
2000 Clarice Herbert
2001 Patricia Haff and Fred Clark
2002 Marion Taylor
2003 Wanda Lofton (awarded posthumously)
2004 Ray Torres
2005 Celeste Zappala, Richard Taylor, Susan Teegan Case
2006 Carol Clyde
2007 Anne and Bill Ewing
2008 Bill Siemering and Poco and Gene Gertler
2009 Karen Clark and Eileen Gilkenson
2010 Donna Miller and Barbara Mitchell
2011 Beverly Lucas
2012 Phyllis Strock
2013 Terri McNamara
2014 Huntly Collins
2015 John and Lisa Chapman
2016 Ann Perrone
2017 John Riggan

2018 Rachel Falcove

2019 Chloe Tomlinson and Nick Claxton

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