FUMCOG’s members celebrate each Christmas and Easter by making a special offering for community needs. The Community Needs Committee accepts grant proposals from the local community for projects that promote social justice or community empowerment, especially (but not exclusively) in Northwest Philadelphia. They are reviewed by a committee of church members, which makes decisions based on the size of the population to be served, the nature of the services provided, and expected benefits to the community. Please click on the icon below to access a Community Needs form.



Money collected during the Christmas offering will be shared by the following recipients in grants ranging between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

The following recipients are sharing the $11,500 collected during Easter. These grant recipients receive monies ranging between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

Face to Face

Face to Face seeks support for their Health Center on Price Street, which meets the needs of an extremely under-served population, most of whom live in extreme poverty. The nurse-managed Health Center uses a holistic approach which helps meet basic medical needs, screens for negative social determinants of health, and provides referrals to other programs as necessary.

Food Moxie

Food Moxie's mission is to educate people to grow, cook and eat healthy food. At Stenton Manor, which provides emergency housing to families for up to 18 months. Food Moxie’s Hope Kitchen teaches healthy cooking, using seasonal vegetables when available from the on-site garden. Residents who complete the course receive a ‘Fresh Start’ kit which includes cooking supplies and a recipe book.


Sanctuary Families

FUMCOG has been hosting two families who have been under threat of deportation. Proceeds of this offering will help to cover transitional expenses the families will incur in the next few months, when they will be moving on to other arrangements.

Heeding God's Call to End Gun Violence

Heeding God's Call to End Gun Violence aims to prevent gun violence through a number of initiatives. This offering will help pay the costs of T-shirts, crosses and other materials needed for their ‘Memorials to the Lost,’ displays of T-Shirts with the names of victims of gun violence like the one that we had at FUMCOG a few years ago.

Tomorrow's Girls and Women

Tomorrow's Girls  is a grass roots organization in North Philadelphia to promote a sense of community service among girls aged 8 -14, by educating them about various social needs and engaging them in service projects. They are requesting support to buy backpacks and supplies which the girls and young women will fill and distribute to people who are experiencing homelessness. This program helps the needy while imbuing the participants with a sense of social justice.