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Electrical generation is still one of the single biggest emitters of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. Did you know that FUMCOG is taking action on the climate crisis by purchasing from a supplier that is 100% renewable energy? And did you know that you can choose renewable energy for your home by selecting a third-party provider? The Climate Action Committee at FUMCOG is excited to provide information for members to switch to renewable if they have not already done so. The goal is 100% of FUMCOG membership purchasing 100% renewable energy!


If you have not previously designated a third party renewable energy provider, you will automatically be billed by your utility company at the company’s default rate (PECO for most of us) that will come almost exclusively from fossil fuel sources. Solar and wind keep getting cheaper but can still be more expensive than oil, gas, and coal. But by paying a little more you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to build more renewable infrastructure for solar and wind.


The process of choosing can be time-consuming. To save you time the Climate Action Committee is recommending several third-party providers. These options are summarized below so that you can compare advantages and disadvantages to your own situation. None of these 3 suppliers have introductory or cancellation fees for any of their programs. The website of each is shown along with the individual summaries for additional information. When you make a decision you can switch at their website. Pricing plans continue to change, so it’s important to review your plan periodically.


Contact Larry Moyer or Mark Smith (215 886-5383) ( with any questions or to correct any inaccurate information. And, let us know when you make the switch!

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