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We affirm our commitment to our community by working together, taking risks for social equality and peace in our city, our nation and our world.

Row of Houses

FUMCOG’s members celebrate each Christmas and Easter by making a special offering for community needs. The Community Needs Committee accepts grant proposals from the local community for projects that promote social justice or community empowerment, especially (but not exclusively) in Northwest Philadelphia. 

190120_SRJ Award - Nick Claxton_068.jpg

Each year as part of FUMCOG’s
observation of Martin Luther King Jr.
Sunday, a Social and Racial Justice
award is presented to a member(s)
of the church or community. 

Fondwa mountains.jpg

supports peasant self determination. Since 1994, FUMCOG has been twinned in faith and friendship with the Association of the Peasants of Fondwa (APF).

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