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FUMCOG exists to love God and to love all people. We believe in embracing the mystery and doubt of faith through wrestling with the questions that inevitably arise, in a safe environment. Our community strives to live our lives with our hearts pointed outward to love and serve others.

Spiritual Formation Groups


Wednesday Bible Study

Meet Bob Coombe at 1:00 PM via Zoom for Bible Study. Here is the link:  


FUMCOG engages our adults through weekly guest speakers and interactive dialogue that encourages spiritual formation, addresses issues of social justice, and gives voice to topics of interest in the FUMCOG community. Presentations begin at 9:45 AM in Cassell Parlor.

Meet Jesus at the church and in the community...

on the road, through nature, alongside friends, at the table, in the mystery.

FUMCOG's education ministry nurtures relationships through engaging and diverse experiences. We intentionally plan for a MASH UP of... traditional classes, service projects, guest speakers, creative arts, field trips, and QUEST.

Therefore, our program operates on a FLEXIBLE schedule! It's easy to connect and join in the adventures - just check out the Schedule of Events page that lets you know the what, when, and where of everything FUMCOG children and families are doing!

FUMCOG provides youth from grades 7 through 12 with an interactive and exciting experience. Join us for fellowship on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM in room 207A.

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